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Collaboration permanent and ephemeral collection.An experience, a creativity and a vision.
Artistic direction Léonce LEBRUN Just-in-time production
by Lele Community

sports water bottle

Grab a sporty, personalized water bottle made from 50% recycled plastic to stay hydrated while showing off your style. Stain-resistant, unbreakable and odor-proof, it keeps your drinks cold and its airtight lid with anti-reflux valve prevents leaks. The very large capacity of this bottle is ideal for all long sessions: at sport, at work or for studies!

• 739ml (25oz)
• Dimensions: 25.4 cm × 7.62 cm (10 in × 3 in)
• 50% recycled BPA-free Eastman Tritan™ Renew material
• Stain resistant, shatterproof and odor resistant
• Screw cap with airtight anti-reflux valve
• Single finger carry handle
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